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There are many reasons that people look into and start a work from home business online – no boss, financial independence, no commute, flexibility and more time with family. Twenty-first century motivations have been added to the list, the new economy and recession are creating record numbers of internet work at home business start ups.We are finding out that there is no long term loyalty from big companies, the financial market has collapsed, our retirement plans have disappeared. At the same time CEO’s of failing organizations are being rewarded with unsavory bonuses and government bail outs. The realization is setting in that we are responsible for our destiny and we can no longer trust people and things that we have relied upon in the past.You know someone that has been told to “piss off” by the corporate world, lost their home to foreclosure or had their 401K pay feed the lifestyle of dishonest executives and criminals. So, when is enough really enough? Are you there yet?

Now the good news, did you know that more fortunes were made in the time of the great depression than any other time in history. Let’s be clear, we are talking about honest, ethical and morally sound creation of income.That’s right, in times of massive problems comes superior opportunity for those that think outside of the box. Why, because we are a resilient people. When given the chance we find solutions, solid ways to overcome.This is why the surge to start a work from home business online. Internet opportunities are marketed as the best recession proof businesses. This is true for the most part, but not for the faint of heart, not coachable or lazy. The fact is only about 3% succeed and for them it is the best recession proof business. For others it turns out being just another drain on their time, emotion and money.Why do so many fail, when all the information, tools and opportunities are right in front of them. The obvious causes a lack of understanding, it is a business, requiring hard work just like any other start-up business. Second are no established written goals, no light house to guide you through the fog. Third, no burning desire, a need that is so great to be successful that nothing will keep you from getting there. This is a very competitive industry and getting more so each day due to the new economy and the power of the internet.

Is there an online recession proof home based business? The key to online success is not going to be a specific or a particular opportunity, it is going to be you and the skills you achieve. Your success will be a in direct relation to how fast you attain, the level and marketability of these skills. The highest paid individuals in the world are professionals with high skill levels, athletes, coaches, doctors, actors, directors, singers and yes, marketers.Know that a business or opportunity may or may not be recession proof, but the right skills will positively make you recession proof. Professional skills that anyone can learn if they have the right mindset to begin with.

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The internet is full of websites. The number of websites is probably in the billions at this point. Although search engines like Google make things easier to find, unless you’re on the top page, you are like a needle in outer space never mind a haystack.Now that the internet has established itself as the place to be, many entrepreneurs and existing businesses are flocking to the internet because of the low barrier to entry. By this I mean that it is perceived as cheap to start a business on the internet. That is the downside to starting a business online. Because it’s cheap to get started, most people can start. However, the problem with starting is that you have to finish. Anybody can start something, but few people finish. Because so many people start websites every day, that means there is just more and more clutter for you to cut through in order to get traffic and sales. So how do you do this? I will now go through each step in detail.Step 1 – Get StartedAlthough I said it was easy to get started, a lot of people suffer from the “Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim, Fire (maybe)” approach. What I mean by this is that some people will strategize and plan and hold meeting after meeting to make sure everything is perfect before they start. There are two problems with this:

1. This is like leaving for work only when every traffic light between your home and your work is green. In other words, you would probably never get to work.
2. On the internet it won’t matter if you are perfect or not because no one will care nor will anyone see your perfection because, like I said, you have to cut through a lot of clutter to get traffic and recognition.The key is to get started. Just do it. The fact of the matter is that you can adjust as you go along, and being on the web and imperfect is a lot better than not being on the web at all.Step 2 – Create Something InterestingOne way of standing out on the web is to create a web presence that is interesting. Or at very least, create something that you post on your site that is interesting. This is vital, even if you have a relatively unremarkable product. Now, I’m going to stay away from using specific examples to avoid the whole “Well I can’t do that in my Business” attitude. The point I am making here is that you have to find a way to stand out. It’s your responsibility to think outside the box to break through the background noise that is the collective content on the internet.Step 3 – Let Everyone Know About ItIn this part I will give more practical advice on how to do this. Creating an interesting website is half the battle, the other half is letting everyone know about it. Here I will list what you can do to spread the word of your website:1. Press Release – Issue 2 press releases when you launch your site. The first one should be newsworthy, by that I mean it should be written for journalists. The second one should be for Search Engines to use as fodder to find your site.2. Articles – Write relevant, keyword rich and informative articles with a resource box that contains a link for your website.3. Blog – Create a blog on your website and update it every day with useful content. Content that is relevant to what you are offering and is interesting to your users. Then, have your blog ping sites like technorati when you make a new post.

4. Build a Mailing List – Create a newsletter and add the sign up form on your site. Sending out an email every week or month with new updates and content.5. Forums – Make useful and informative comments on forum and have a link to your website in your signature.Those 3 steps should go a long way in helping you to build a web presence. However, there are a couple of things that I want to stress with all of this.The first thing that I want to stress is to just get started. Just get out there, create your website to the best of your ability and really put pride in it, then launch it. Don’t worry about mundane details or strategy, just do it.The second thing is to try different things for your business online. Try creating a free report, try using Twitter for your business, try Blogging. The important thing is to always experiment to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep what does work and refine it.Lastly, don’t expect overnight success or miracles. Keep working away, keep promoting your site and do it consistently. Don’t give up!!!